Success Stories

A photo of Patrice Ferrell.


At first, I was against going to a chiropractor. But then I threw out my back, and I found myself at Health Link. Now I feel healthier than I have in a very long time. I’ve been a patient for 8 years, and I no longer have chronic migraines or back pain, and I’m more flexible than ever before!

Now I visit every week, because it’s been a life changer. I can do things I physically wasn’t able to before, like exercise and play with my grandkids.

I recommend Health Link wholeheartedly! I wish I had started sooner.


I found Health Link through a Google search. I needed help with my lower back, and they scheduled me immediately. Now I see Dr. Wahl every two weeks.

Dr. Wahl and the friendly staff really know what they’re doing. I truly enjoy going, because it doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. I go in there and can just talk about life.

I run a landscaping business, so I need to feel my best. Because of Health Link, I’m able to function so much better. I don’t have one negative thing to say about them!

A photo of Adam Stewart.
A photo of Joe Piazza.


I had a knee replacement that left me walking like a 90-year-old man. I was prescribed steroids, but nothing was helping. My wife had been going to Health Link for a year, and recommended I visit.

I’m glad I did. This isn’t a typical doctor’s office. They take the time to listen to me, which is tremendous. Dr. Wahl looked at my entire body (not just the knee) and treated me with professional and gentle care. Now I’m back to mountain biking and hiking! I’m nearly feeling like I did before surgery.

I can’t speak highly enough of Health Link. I’m very grateful to feel like a “normal human-being” again.


Dr. Bolte got me moving again. I’m very active, but I overdid it in the yard one day. Pain was going from my back down to the front of my leg — it felt like being tasered every morning. I couldn’t get rid of it, and it seemed like no one could help me. Then the team at Health Link worked to get me where I needed to be.

They’ve really set me on a good path. Dr. Bolte took the time to answer my questions and build a plan that works for me. She’s so good at explaining and giving you options.

I tell everyone about my great experience. I always start out with “I never believed in Chiropractors, BUT…” When you walk in nervous, and everyone is so confident and friendly, you walk out knowing you will get the help you need. It’s not just about your injury, they make you feel good as a person.

A photo of Susan Jones.